A fat tattooed Marine with a mullet and beard.


Edward Edwards
Size: 8. Pace: 4. Grit: 4.

$23,203 in Widgets
$200 a day while working at Sven’s – Accounted up to
$4,739 in useful trade goods
$0 spent and not deducted yet

RPK-74 MMG: 100 Drum, ROF 9, Range 25, Damage 4d8. Standard 7.62mm Ammo. 361 Left.
5 or +6 to hit due to Quality, Set Trigger, Laser Sight, Tracers. Bipod, Compensator, Extended Barrel.
Flick-Out Bayonet: [STR]
2d6, DB +2

M-80 Pistol: 6 Shots, ROF 2, Range 15, Damage 5d6. .50 Caliber Pistol Ammo.
+4 to hit due to Quality, Set Trigger, Laser Sight. Compensator, Extended Barrel.
14 Regular Ammo, 25 Ghost-Rock AP1 Ammo. Currently loaded with AP1 Ammo.

Bigass Kukri: 1 Defensive Bonus, [STR]2d6 damage.

B.D. McCoy, Convoy Scout, and his crew, think I’m pretty great.

Bunch of People in Junkyard
Half-dozen Converts in Burney, California

EQUIPMENT Usually Carried:
Civilian Executive Protection Undersuit (-6 Arms, Guts, Legs)
Lorica Spirituum Armor (AV 10, -1 Type to Nimb&Quick, Stability 41, 16.6lbs. Durability 15/3)
Combat Boots (2 Feet Armor) and Military BDUs
Dataslug: CSA Psychic Warrior Operations Manual (Duct-Taped Into Navel)
Machine-Head (On Dogtags)
Relic Duct Tape (On Belt Under Armor)
MHI Earplugs Using Bioelectric Field for Power
Palmcorder (From Companion Page 27, Worn on Left Wrist)
Electronics Kit +2, Supplies 15
Digital Watch Using Bioelectric Field for Power
Folding Tac-Knife
Bottle of Asprin
A Pound of Jerky, for Snacks.

EQUIPMENT Worn When Appropriate & Otherwise Nearby:
Proper Military Backpack
4XL Thick Winter Coat
Geiger Counter
Bigass Hand Flashlight

EQUIPMENT Kept In Junkyard:
Junker Workshop +6, Supplies 15
Window Air Conditioning Unit (1 small battery/hour)

Doc Norman, Patron Saint of the Lost:
WHITE: +4 to any Mein or Spirit roll. Can be done after results are determined.
RED: A stranger meeting the hero for the first time mistakes him for someone he knows.Usually it’s someone good, but it might not be.
BLUE: A hero who is lost or in grave danger is given a sense of where to turn for safety. “Safety” is, of course, a relative term, and the hero isn’t led by the nose out of all trouble. But Doc will steer him toward the best shelter he can.
LEGEND: With a few moments’ concentration, the character can learn one key fact about the past of any other person (alive or dead—this power works on bodies as well as living people) that he touches. He may or may not get the answer to a specific question, but he’ll definitely get something important to the subject’s life.

Sgt. York, Patron Saint of Sykers:
WHITE: The syker gets +2 to his blastin’ rolls for his faith in minutes.
RED: The Templar has 5 Strain to use as he pleases. This power cannot be invoked again until these 5 points are used.
BLUE: The syker can use any syker power.
LEGEND: The syker’s Strain increases by +1 permanently.

0 White Chips
0 Red Chips
8 Blue Chips
2 Legend Chips
12 Bounty Points

GM Notes (Only visible to GM)
Ancient Pact. Second Chance.

Edges: Belongin’s 5. Browser (Appliance) 5. Browser (Building) 5. Browser (Car) 5. Browser (Computer) 5. Citizenship: Junkyard. Apartment until March of 2098. Dinero 6. Eagle-Eyes 1. Familiar 5. Fortitude 1. Gun Browser 5. Gun-Nut 2. Junker 3. Mechanically-Inclined 1. Pre-War Life 0. Renown (Chamber) 3. Renown (Doomsayers) 3. Renown (Junkyard) 2. Renown (Librarians) 3. Renown (Templars) 1. Soldier (Logistics) 5. Steel-Trap Mind 5. Syker 3. Tool Browser 5. Well-Read 2.

Hindrances: Big ‘Un 2. Deep Sleeper 1. Enemy (Combine) 5. Intolerance (Authority) 1. Loyal 3. Night Terrors 5. Oath of Unity (Dragons, Banshee Blasters, Fightin’ 43rd, Screamin’ Eagles) 1. Sawin’ Logs 1. Yearnin’: Atonement 3 Mildly Deaf Without Earpieces from Soldier. Has a habit of cleaning equipment with great frequency, but I can’t see this being worth points.

Cognition: 3d10+2? (2 for Electronic Earplugs and Eagle Eyes), Search 3d10
Knowledge: 4d12
2 (2 for Ancient Pact, Frequent +2 for Well-Read), Academics: History / Occult 5d124, Area-Knowledge: Junkyard 3d12+4, Language: English 2d12+4, Professional: Theology 5d12+4, Science: Biology / Chemistry / Computers / Cybernetics / Electronics / Engineering / Geography / Geology / Occult Engineering / Physics 6d12+6+? (2 for Pact, +2 for Mechanically Inclined, +2 for Well-Read, Possible +2 for Familiar, Possible +2 for Gun Nut, Possible +Bonus for Browser, Possible +Bonus for Kit/Set/Workshop), Trade: Armorer / Building-Construction / Chef / Electrician / Gunsmith / Manufacturing / Mechanic / Metal-Working / Miner / Plumber / Weaponsmith 5d126+? (2 for Pact, +2 for Mechanically Inclined, +2 for Well-Read, Possible +2 for Gun Nut, Possible +Bonus for Kit/Set/Workshop), Blastin’: 6d122. 2 on Rolls For Guns.
Mien: 4d8, Performin’:Actin’: 4d8, Persuasion: 5d8, Tale Tellin’: 5d8
Smarts: 3d12, Ridicule: 3d12, Scroungin’: 5d12, Survival: 2d12, Tinkerin’: 5d12
2 (+2 for Mechanically Inclined)
Spirit: 5d12, Faith: Tech Spirits / Saints 5d12, Guts: 5d12, Meditation: 4d12
Deftness: 3d10, Shootin’: Energy Weapon / Machinegun / Pistol 8d10, Speed Load: 4d10
Nimbleness: 4d8, Climbin’: 2d8, Dodge 4d8, Drivin’: Bike / Car / Hover / Oversize 5d8, Fightin’: Bayonet / Martial Arts 5d8, Flyin’: Skydivin’ / VTOL 3d8, Sneak: 2d8, Swimmin’: 2d8
Strength: 3d8
Quickness: 4d10
Vigor: 4d12

Arson, Pyro, TN 7, Strain 3, Speed 1, Instant, 10y/level, 2d10+1d/sux damage, Spirit diameter.
Blindside, Bio, TN Vigor, Strain 1/Target, Speed 1, 1 Min/Level, 20y/Level.
Brain Blast, Psyko, TN 5, Strain 1, Speed 1, Instant, 20y/level, Spirit damage.
Brain Slammer, Psyko, TN Spirit, Strain 1/Ping, Speed 1, Speed 1, Instant, 20y/level, 2d6+1d6/Ping
Fleshknit, Bio, TN 5/7/9/11/13, Strain 1/2/3/4/5, Speed 1/5/15/30/60, Permanent, Self-Only.
Force Field, Psyko, TN 5, Strain 1, Speed 1, 1/Round, Self-Only, -5 damage/success.
Negator, Psyko, TN (Faith, Blastin’, etc.), Strain 1, Vamoose, Instant. Page 71.
One Man Army, Psyko, TN 5, Strain 3, Speed 1, 1/Round, 2d6+1d6/raise within 20yards.
Peace of Mind, Psionic, TN Knowledge, Strain 5, Speed 1d6hours, Permanent, Touch. Page 73.
Telekinesis, Tele, TN 5, Strain 3, Speed 5, 1/Round, 20y/level, Spirit Speed/Strength.
Third Eye, Psyko, TN 5, Strain 1, Speed 1, Concentration, 20y/level, Occult Roll on Page 82.

CSA Psychic Warrior Operations Manual Appended by Edward Edwards

Agility: TN 5, Car and Computer, Page 65
Armor: TN 3, Building, Page 69
Commo: TN 5, Appliance and Tool, Page 72
Enviro: TN 3, Appliance, Handout
Generator: TN 3, Appliance, Page 77
Healing: TN 5, Tool, Page 80
Light: TN 3, Appliance, Page 81
Locomotion: TN 3, Car, Page 81 (also engines are -10% to each entry)
Sensor: TN 5, Appliance and Tool, Page 88 (also Sensor Dice tweaked, Iron Oasis 140)
Spirit Weapon: TN 9, Gun, Page 94
Spook Juice: TN 5+2per5Gallons, Car Spirits, Page 96
Targeting: TN 7, Computer, Gun. Page 96
Temperature: TN 3, Appliance, Building, Page 97
Transdimensional Space: TN Special, Applicance, Handout
Finish, TN 5+Size, Page 48
Flow, TN 11+Size, Cyborgs 127
Miniaturize, TN 11 WITHOUT Size, Page 49
Spit and Polish, TN 5 WITHOUT Size, Page 50


A Banshee syker given to overeating due to his guilt over horrific things done during the War. Team’s resident fix it man, driver, mechanic.

Tattoo over heart of a dragon shooting lightning bolts.
“Burgers or Death” tattooed over belly.
FOOD” and “LIFE” tattooed over knuckles.
“I Didn’t Choose the Food Life / The Food Life Chose Me” over upper back.
Tattoo of American Colonist on left side saying, “No Fat Chicks.”
List down his left side: “Moose,” “Dumptruck,” “Lobster,” “Voodoo,” “Venom,” “Barbie,” “Angel,” “Artie,” “Bun-Bun,” “Thumper,” “Sparky”


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