Bald, black guy whos a master with guns


Banshee Syker with a plethora of guns.
Cinematic Smear 1
smooth operator 2
life tap 3
shoulder cry on 2
happy go lucky 2
wow its … 2
duel wield 8
adrenaline junkie +3
Curious +3
Heavy Sleeper +1
Vengeful +3
Size/Pace/Wind : 6/4/20
Strain: 12
Skills: Blasting 5d6, Professional: Soldier 1d6, Persuasion 4d6, Taletellin’ 3d6, Bluff 3d12, Ridicule 3d12, Guts 4d8, Shootin’: rifles 5d10,
Manipulator Type: Psionic TN: Opposed ( Spirit ) Strain: 2 Speed: 2 Duration: 10 minutes/ blastin’ level Range: 10 yards/ blastin’ level
Lunacy Type: Psionic TN: Opposed ( Smarts ) Strain: 5 Speed: 1 minute Duration: Permanent
Meat Puppet Type: Psionic TN: Opposed ( Spirit ) Strain: 5 Speed: 2 Duration: Concentration or 1/round Range: Touch
Boneripping Type: Telekinetic TN: Opposed ( Vigor ) Strain: 5 Speed: 3 Duration: Instant Range: 10 yards/ blastin’ level
One-Man Army Type: Sykokinesis TN: 5 Strain: 3 Speed: 1 Duration: 1/round Range: Special

None 12
Light 13-18 Pace 3
Medium 19-40 Pace 2
Heavy 41-80 Pace 1
Overencumbered 81 Pace 1, no running or dodging, Vigor check 5 every hour or take 1d6 Wind


A Banshee syker formerly of the Fightin’ 43rd.

Due to some unfortunate events his relationship to his war buddy Echo has been severely strained and he is no longer allowed to carry weapons.


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