A Texas Ranger with a mysterious past and a case of the Gremlins.
Currently being chased by undead conquistadors.
Size 6

Rank 3 Lieutenant
Belongings 1
Light Sleeper
The Stare,
Vengeful 2
Heroic 5
Oath 3
Law Enforcer 5
Ranger 5 with 5 pt obligation

Family: Momma, two brothers (Johnny 18 and Justin, 15) , Glue (Horse)
From: Rio Vista Texas (population 817 in 2010)
Age: 38

Personality: Witty, But observant.
Relics: Cortez’s Sword


Ruby was born while her mother was very young, and was an only child until she was 20 years old. Her father passed away before the Reckoning.

She was married at one point, but had no children.

She was a sheriff in her small town, fit, and worked out regularly. Her family owned a ranch, so she grew up around horses.

Glue has been her companion for the past 15 years. (Horses have a life span of 25-30 years.)


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