A self described Valkyrie, cruising on her bike and wielding her relic sword to kick Evil's teeth in.


AB Templar
Templar Oath
Mysterious Past: destructive enemy – wants to destroy everything i hold dear then kill me
Mutation – Never surprised
Stubborn 2,
Self-rightous 3,
Loyal 3,
Greedy 2

Size/Pace/Wind: 6/6/20
Skills: Search 1d6, Academia: Occult, Computer Use, Faith, Guts, Fightin; sword, florentine, Drive: Bike,

None 0-24
Light 25-48 Pace 4
Medium 49-80 Pace 3
Heavy 81-160 Pace 2
OverEnc Pace 1, no running/dodge, Vigor (5)/hour or 1d6 Wind.


Name: Sandriel West
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Supernatural kill count: Too Many
Background questions:
Who where your parents? Her parents had split, her dad’s whereabouts unknown. Her mother was a teacher.
Did you have brothers / sisters? A slightly older brother
What happened to your family members? Mum and Brother were both in the blast. Dad, who knows?
Personal life:
Did you have a boyfriend / girlfriend? Not yet, hadn’t gotten around to it yet, was still working on the whole coming out thing.
Where did you grow up? Portland, Oregon
What did you do during the last war? As she was too young to get drafted she dodged that bullet. Trying to survive was simply a chore in itself.
How much formal education or training did you receive? She had gotten through almost all of high school. She was on the softball team having worked on hitting things, which came in handy later on.
Where were you exactly when the bombs fell, how did you survive? She was out at a friend’s holiday cabin in the woods when the bombs fell. This cut her and her friend off from civilisation for a while. After a while, with food in the cabin running low, they set out to the closest town where we found a settlement who took pity on us and took them in. Quickly they were put to work doing the most menial of tasks that many other villagers didn’t want to do. They didn’t mind as it gave them food and shelter. At least till the daimyo came along demanding resources of the town.
Does your character have any strong beliefes? Friends are a powerful asset to have. Without them Sandriel would likely be yet another casualty of the wastes.
Did you make any friends or enemies?
Why do you feel the need to wander the wasteland and be a hero?
Arcane background:
How did you join your specific order? During one of the worse years the daimyo’s people came demanding harsher levies against the town. Sandriel and her friend, having heard stories about the Templars set out to petition them to help defend the town so they might survive. The trip to Boise was very difficult, first through the ash, and then making sure they weren’t discovered by any mutants, undead and other dangers of the wastes. During this trip Sandriel found that her practice at softball was useful against other thing, such as zombies heads. When they arrived at Boise her friend was terrified to cross the Boise storm, but Sandriel pushed head. She found much more than she expected on the other side and after petitioning the Templars decided to stay on and attempt to become a squire. Once again she went to work as hard as she could, gaining the notice of Simon Mercer and being assigned as squire to a Templar named Jennifer Green. During her year as squire she learnt many skills useful to the Templars and distinguished herself, and her bat, against many that they faced. On the trip back to Boise at the end of the year, they were forced through an irradiated area due to a band of Black Hats and a town that Jennifer considered not worthy as they turned them away considering them to be a burden due to the Black Hat raids. In the irradiated zone Jennifer succumbed to wounds that became worse with radiation. Sandriel did the best she could with the medical training that she could but holed up in the ruins of a museum Jennifer died. She recorded her details and Sandriel’s on a data slug so at least Sandriel’s actions would gain her enterance to the Templars. While in the museum, Sandriel found a sword in a display, which would prove vital as her bat had broken during the fight into the museum, against mutants. With mutants closing in yet again she collected the belongings of Jennifer’s that she could, took up both Jennifer’s sword and the one from the display and fought like hell till she could make a break for it finding a motorcycle in reasonable conditioning allowing her to escape the mutants. Presenting both Jennifer’s sword, tabard and data slug to Simon on her return, Simon admitted her as a Templar giving her Jennifer’s sword as her own official Templar sword. Since then she has practiced fighting with both swords and taken off on her bike hoping to aid settlements like the one that had taken her in all those years back.


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