The Undertaker

A guant figure wearing an ancient suit and tophat known throughout the West as the Burier of the Dead


A walking urban legend come to life. Also one hell of a shot, cook, and doctor. Doesn’t talk much.
Mysterious Past: Knack Born on Christmas
Veteran: Aura O’ Death (The weak perish. Children and small animals sicken and die in his presence)
Renown 5 (The Undertaker is known Everywhere)
Two Fisted Two Gun Kid
Omega Man
Eagle Eyes +2 Visual Cog checks
Well Read +2 all Book knowledge checks
Jack O’ All Trades (No 4 penalty for defaulting)
Strong Stomach (Normal gore doesn’t faze him)
Belongins 5: The Undertaker’s Spade (Relic item)
Scrawny (Size 5 Tall, famished and bony
a beanstalk)
Grim Servant O’ Death (The Undertaker’s comin’ !!)
Scary (-4 to friendly Persuasion attempts +2 to Overawe)

Size/Pace/Wind: 5/10/14

Skills: Scrutinize 1d12, Search 2d12, Area Knowledge 2d12, Demolitions 2d12, Academia Occult 5d12,
Medicine: General/Surgery 3d12/5d12, Professional: Undertaker 5d12, Science: Biology 2d12, Trade: Undertaker 5d12, Computer Use 1d12, Scroungin’ 2d12, Survival: desert 1d12, Tinkerin’ 1d12, Shootin’ pistol,rifle 5d10, Climbin’ 1d0, Dodge 5d10, Drive: Car, Bike 1d10, Sneak 1d10, Swimmin’ 1d10, Quick Draw: pistol 5d10

Encumberance …………………/ with Frame-Backpack
None 0-12 ………………………./ 0-18
Light 13-18 Pace 8 ……………/ 19-24
Medium 19-40 Pace 5 ………../ 25-60
Heavy 41-80 Pace 3 …………./ 61-120
Overencumbered 81+/120+ Pace 1, no running or dodging, Vigor (5)/ hour or take 1d6 Wind that cannot be recovered except by rest.


He is a Legend going around, or might dress up like the legend – only known as ‘The Undertaker’ he comes into towns and Death follows in his wake. He will lay to rest the departed, sometimes fight the things praying on man and sometimes mend the injured, but inevitably people will start dying around him and he’ll move on to the next town.
Apparently the Legend started before the War – but there is little information as to what he did before the bombs fell. During the War, however, the Undertaker started to randomly appear all over. He would stalk into an army hospice, pick up the tools and perform surgery, saving the lives of soldiers or civilians only to march off in the morning after burying those no one could save. He’d pop up in small communities, ravaged by war and lay their dead to rest or incinerate whole villages where nothing but rotten corpses were left strewn around. He’d walk through combat zones, miraculously unharmed to aid soldiers on either side of the battle and quietly excavate a graveyard by the side of the entrenched soldiers, laying the fallen to rest. There was always a quiet, a solemn cease-fire in a radius around the Undertaker, where he dug his graves in a somber silence, to lay enemies side by side to their last rest. Many of the stories about him come from the time before the war and the deeds he performed during the war.

The Undertaker

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