Tom Piper

A horrifically scarred hero with metallic skin


Arcane Background Templar
Oath of Blood/Poverty
Brave (2 to guts rolls)
Brawny 2.0 (
1 size, 2 to strength rolls)
Vet: Metallic Skin
Ugly as Sin 3 ( –4 from friendly persuasion rolls made whenever your character’s looks might intervene. On the plus side, you can add +4 whenever his looks might actually help, such as when making overawe or hostile persuasion attempts.)
Hated 2
Grim Servant O’ Death
Tall Drink O’Water (
1 size)
Mut: No flight reflex: Radiation caused his “flight” reflex to wither. He adds +2 to his guts checks and gains
the nerves o’ steel Edge. The downside is he must make a Hard (9) Smarts roll to run away from a fight.
Nerves o’Steel: When the hero fails a guts check and the Scart Table says he must flee, the character can stand
his ground instead. He still suffers any penalties imposed by the Scart Table.
Healing ray induced mut: The hero is completely immune to natural poisons, infections, or disease. He’s not protected from supernatural poisons and radiation however.
Cured by Echo: Loco 5pt – Being swarmed by insects phobia -4 when encountering the Theme of the phobia (9 guts check + fear to affect the object of the fear)

Size/Pace/Wind: 8/8/20
Grit: 4

Search 3d6, Academia Occult 4d8, Disguise 4d8, Language:Aramaic 2d8 Medicine:general 4d8, Science: Computer 1d8, Trade: Bus Driver 1d8, Persuasion 1d4, Tale Tellin’ 1d4, Scrounging 2d6, Survival: plains 5d6, Faith 5d8, Guts 3d8, Shootin’: pistols/rifle 3d6, Climbin’ 2d8, Dodge 3d8, Drive: Oversize 3d8, Fightin’: Sword/florentine/brawlin 6d8, Sneak 2d8, Swimmin’ 2d8, Quickdraw: Sword 3d8

Lay on Hands 2, Armor of the Saints 5 + Greater Reward, Fury of the Saints 1,
Guardian Angel 2, Inner Strength 1, Pluck 1

Martyrs Blessing:
John Wayne- Saint of Grit, Dorsey Gates – Saint of Underdogs, Doc Norman – Saint of the Lost

None 0-24
Light 25-48 Pace 6
Medium 49-80 Pace 4
Heavy 81-160 Pace 2
OverEnc 161+ Pace 1, no running/dodging, Vigor (5)/hour or 1d6 Wind


Name: Tom Piper
Gender: Male
Age: 38

Supernatural kill count: 0

Background questions:
Who where your parents? His father (Wyatt) was a truck driver for the Army and his mother (Ethel) was a nurse at a local hospital.
Did you have brothers / sisters? He had 2 sisters, Lorene and Chastity and a brother Nathaniel, all working in some sort of space related industry.
What happened to your family members? He has not been able to find out what happend to his family, he found his home destroyed after he returned to it after the bombs fell but he clings to the hope of finding either them or proof of their death.

Personal life:
Did you have a boyfriend / girlfriend? He did not have a girlfriend, ocassionally he would hook up with woman but never for more then a few days.
Where you married? No
Where did you grow up? Durham, North Carolina
What did you do during the last war? Like his father he was a truck driver delivering goods to various bomb shelters.
What was your career before the last war? Before he got drafted he was a busdriver in Washington, Maryland
How much formal education or training did you receive? He got about 160 hours of driving lessons to get the appropriate licences to be a busdriver and he received some medical training from his mother in case of emergencies.
Where were you exactly when the bombs fell, how did you survive? He was about to deliver a last truckload of supplies to an emergency shelter. The alarms went off and the doors closed as he was about to unload. As such he stayed inside and survived.
Does your character have any strong beliefes? His belief in the saints has always been shaky, he followed it and prayed to them because he had to cling to something to not go insane at the sight of the damage his country had sustained. His belief grew much stronger after he realised what his place was and that even if he didn’t act like more traditional templars with his group saving unworthy and worthy alike he can get away with leaving those unworthy to rot, knowing that his group would pick up the slack.
Did you make any friends or enemies? Tom has trouble making friends and there are towns in the wastes that hate him for the simple fact of passing judgment on them.
Why do you feel the need to wander the wasteland and be a hero? Tom needs something to do, if he stops to think about his life and what has happened to the world he might go insane. As such he is eager to jump into the thick of combat when he thinks he can survive it and he takes point in engagements so he doesn’t have to worry as much about the people around him.

Worst nightmare
Tom is afraid that in the end even the saints will leave him. He is afraid that no matter how hard he tries in the end he will be counted amongst those unworthy of the saints protection and guidance.

Arcane background:
How did you join your specific order? After finding his home in ruins, Tom wandered the wasteland for a long time. In this time his body mutated and changed, leaving him a burned hulking mess that frightened people in every settlement that he visited. Eventually he found someone who would take a chance on him, Lincoln, a templar who adopted him as a squire, specifically because the way he looked would allow Lincoln to quickly and effectively test the places they visited.

How do you feel about the major factions?

Tom Piper

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