Zye Venn

Anti-authoritarian Sniper and Hardass Doomsyker


Zye_Venn.png A surprisingly tall Japanese man in that timeless phase that some Asians get, somewhere between 20 and 50. A wiry figure with a bald head, black eyes and a warm olive skincolour, his distinguishing marks include a criss-cross of burns and scars over his stomach, and a tribal swirl Tattoo on his right shoulder – as well as another one he doesn’t usually show on his chest.
He seems to be quiet and contemplative, careful in what he does but always watching and surveying his surroundings – looking for a sniper target or an ambush possibly.


Born in Beppu, southern Japan, Zyes’ Syker capabilites became apparent soon and he got taken from his family by J-SEP (Japanese Syker Education Program) at the age of 12. He next surfaced in Houston where he was sent to join the EXFOR’s UNPL (or Legion, as everyone called it) under some dodgy circumstances – the Japanese Empire had already sent a 20-man team when the UN called, most likely as a token team since most countries knew the Japanese Syker- and pre-Syker programs had been running non-stop since the 1800’s, producing a high amount of them with strange chi-philosophies based on their mystical martial artists. Zye was put with a rag-tag team of infiltration/stealth specialists and served with the Predators (nominally) all through the Banshee war. When his squad got reduced to barely a third of its initial complement soon after planetfall however, he got pushed up the ranks on moonbase Tranquility. He soon made Admiral and was tasked with supervising almost all military space/space, space/planet actions. He grew increasingly frustrated at Warfields way of thinking and waging war, but was unable to change anything about the direction the war was going. Despite his rank he kept going on missions in order to protect human colonists, soldiers or Sykers. When Unity returned with the Sykers, he started wandering the Wasted West, looking for a way to Japan to see if his family had survived or traces of his lost girlfriend. Per chance he met up with Echo in Junkyard and decided to stop wandering aimlessly and move with some purpose once more.

Zye Venn

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