Tag: PC


  • Echo

    A Banshee syker given to overeating due to his guilt over horrific things done during the War. Team's resident fix it man, driver, mechanic. Tattoos: Tattoo over heart of a dragon shooting lightning bolts. "Burgers or Death" tattooed over belly. " …

  • Kashren

    A Banshee syker formerly of the Fightin' 43rd. Due to some unfortunate events his relationship to his war buddy Echo has been severely strained and he is no longer allowed to carry weapons.

  • Tom Piper

    Name: Tom Piper Gender: Male Age: 38 Supernatural kill count: 0 *Background questions:* Who where your parents? His father (Wyatt) was a truck driver for the Army and his mother (Ethel) was a nurse at a local hospital. Did you have brothers / …

  • Sandriel

    Name: Sandriel West Gender: Female Age: 29 Supernatural kill count: Too Many Background questions: Who where your parents? Her parents had split, her dad’s whereabouts unknown. Her mother was a teacher. Did you have brothers / sisters? A slightly …