A Brief History of a Future That Never Was

In the alternate reality of the Deadlands universe, the heroes succeeded in defeating the Reckoners and stopping their evil machinations to manifest in the physical world and rule as cruel gods. This happened around 1890. The Reckoners, powerful demon lords, used a one-time ability to cheat and send an undead gunslinger named Stone back in time with one mission: kill heroes.
Stone was so good at his job that he forced the balance of power to remain at a stalemate. Time marched on with monsters and evil keeping to the background and shadowy corners of the world.
In 2070, a doctor named Hauptmann did a survey and realized the Earth’s supply of ghost rock, a supermineral found in the 1860s, was going to run out within 5 years. This was a huge problem as most of the modern world ran on nuclear infused ghost rock reactors. Mexico and other Latin countries formed the Latin American alliance and launched a land invasion of the US and Confederacy with the goal of seizing the Maze and the major supply of ghost rock.
Open warfare raged with more and more countries being dragged into the conflict. There was no clear victor though. The battles, while costing thousands of lives, were mostly stalemates.
On September 23, 2081 at 6:09 pm MST, the Last War went nuclear. India launched a ghost rock bomb (a neutron bomb with a ghost rock warhead) at Pakistan. Code named Shiva it hit and decimated Islamabad. This triggered automated defenses and within 30 minutes every country that had ghost rock bombs had fired them. Six billion people perished in the supernatural holocaust as not only the bombs themselves killed people but they punched holes in reality to the Deadlands. The darkest screaming part of the spirit world and monsters poured forth to terrorize the shocked survivors. The situation got worse..
A week later, Death appeared in Death Valley, CA. He rode through the wasteland, swinging his scythe and creating hordes of walkin’ dead before cutting up through the Coyote Confederation (Oklahoma and North Texas).
War manifested in Kansas, site of some of the bloodiest fighting between the Northern and Southern alliance forces. He headed across Iowa into the Sioux Nation (the Dakotas). The Five Tribes gathered an army of braves to fight him. They lost and the ranks of the dead swelled.
Pestilence arrived in Houston just as the sykers from Banshee were getting themselves organized. Over a hundred brainburners went against the Lord of the Flies and all of them died horribly of disease. He stomped across Texas, Arkansas and Missouri, leaving plague zombies in his wake.
Famine rode her horse into the city of Lost Angels, a place historically wracked by hunger and was almost killed by the priests there. They summoned holy fire and killed her horse. The skeletal queen was forced to walk and made her way across Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Iowa before linking up with her dark brothers.
That was 13 years ago. The Reckoners have left on their world tour almost a decade previously but its whispered that one day they will return.
This campaign chronicles the adventures of a group of heroes trying to do their best to restore order to a chaotic world and weaken the Reckoners before they return.

Hell on Pancakes (A Deadlands: Hell on Earth Campaign)

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