Hell on Pancakes (A Deadlands: Hell on Earth Campaign

Echo and Melinda Sittin' in a Tree

Hey, Melinda.

So… yeah. I’m afraid that I’ve really gotta be leavin’ in the mornin’. I mean, I delayed ‘cause o’ the high school an’ ta see if you an’ Doc Edna was able to get together, but I meant to leave this mornin’. So I purty much delayed as much as I can, makin’ the whole team wait ‘round fer me fer a whole ’nother day while I finished up a couple extra things. Uh, there’s a few things I wanna get off my chest though, while we still can talk freely an’ all.

Uh, first and most obviously… I done really enjoyed our time here together. I like ya a lot. Yer lovely, an’ smart as shit, an’ ya know yer guns, and just… fuck. Yeah, I like ya a lot. I’d like fer things ta continue.

That said, I also know I ain’t always the easiest ta deal with. I’m gettin’ on in years a lil bit, and am kinda set in my ways some. I spend a lotta time wanderin’ ‘round the countryside gettin’ upto all sortsa crazy dangerous shit. Peaceful life o’ hangin’ out in town just ain’t in the cards fer me, I’m afraid. My life’s crazy an’ unpredictable and one o’ these days odds are decent I’m gonna eventually get myself eated by a monster or somethin’, and… well, that’s kinda the way it is. Which no, please don’t romanticise that shit, because I ain’t no hero, I’m just some dude with a helluva lotta flaws. It’s a serious concern if yer really thinkin’ ‘bout makin’ a go o’ this here relationship thing.

Lessee. In the process o’ tryin’ to help folk, I’m also prob’ly gonna make a lotta enemies, if I ain’t already. I mean shit, some kinda bull monster sent by the Reckoners already tried ta kill me. Rick done got kidnapped by bad-guys. It’s possible that by bein’ close ta me that you’d be in danger. Now, I know yer purty badass and a hell of a woman, so I won’t be super worried ‘bout ya… but I believe real strongly into goin’ into things with eyes wide open. So if ya were wantin’ to continue with a relationship kinda thing… there’s that danger ta be keepin’ in mind.

Uh, I prob’ly ain’t gonna lose weight. I stress-eat. And with all the shit we do, well… I eat a lot. So don’t hold yer breath figurin’ I’m likely to change there.

And then, uh, I prob’ly been pretty mellow the last few days, ‘cause of uh… reasons. blush But uh… but uh, yeah. Without getting into too much right now, I been through a lotta shit, both on Banshee and then after. I have a lotta nightmares. I wake up screamin’ sometimes. I ain’t always properly aware sometimes when I wake up. Pokin’ a veteran awake ain’t a smart way to do it, fer example. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I got a good amount of self-control I think, but… well, yeah. I gots issues. Maybe you don’t fancy the idea o’ dealin’ with them issues.

Like I said, I like ya a lot. But I mean, intellectually and shit, I know there’s lotsa things that could be deal-breakers, or that you might not wanna deal with, or… whatever. Relationships need more than just sex ta survive. More than really, really, REALLY good sex. No matter how good the sex, yeah. There’s lotsa reasons you might not wanna continue. So you know, if you decide to break it off or whatever, I don’t expect you to pay back the ten grand to Doc Edna. I’m still gonna keep my deal with her ‘bout all that, ’cause I really do believe ya show a lotta potential, and I wanna see you able to reach it. Neither will I expect ya to give back the duster or the goggles or anything if we break up. I /do/ expect you to keep the special treatments they require secret, or else it ain’t no security measure. I also expect you to either keep them things, or give ‘em back to me. No sellin’ or givin’ them to nobody, or nothin’ like that, even if we break up or whatever. If ya can’t agree to that, now’s the time to say somethin’.

So, anyway, yeah. To kinda sum-up. I’m really likin’ how things are goin’. You know what to expect if ya do decide ya can’t put up with the… whole fuckin’ myriad of shit that bein’ together might entail. Uhm… yeah. I just, like, wanted to let you know that I’d understand and shit. A relationship prob’ly won’t be easy, but fer my part at least I’d like ta pursue one.



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